A division of ICON Studios


Think Tank Productions in the publishing arm of ICON Studios that specializes in the independent production of comic books and graphic novels. Each of our publications so far is listed below. Please visit the website of each to get more information or contact our publisher-in-chief, Patrick Rills.


Like That

“Like That” is a modern love story that’s a little complicated. Reed Hapwood is an eccentric college student who has found something he didn’t know he was looking for: a girlfriend. But as he tries to end the relationship, he knows something’s missing. As he reflects on the memories he and his girlfriend have shared, including plenty of painful reminders, he can’t ignore the obvious anymore: love hits him…just like that.

Standard Comic Book Size (6.625 x 10.25), 42 pages, Black and White, Soft Cover

iPad version available on iTunes iBooks. Kindle version available on Amazon.


M.O.P.S. Volume 1

The Martial Organization Protecting Sanitation (M.O.P.S.) is a brigade of little monsters that live in your shoes, under your bed, and behind your fridge. They loathe all things dirty, filthy, and downright disgusting. These neat freaks are perpetually cleaning up the mess left behind by not only us humans, but also by those masterminds of filth, the Dust Bunneez.

Standard Comic Book Size (6.625 x 10.25), 16 pages, Full Color, Soft Cover


Guns McMenamin

Guns McMenamin is a repo man. He may be the best damn repo man that ever lived. The life of a repo man is difficult, unrewarding, and life-threatening, but most of all it is a great excuse to drive recklessly and play with firearms: the only two things Guns loves more than his own two, admittedly beefy, arms. Despite sometimes returning the repossessed vehicles with a few more bullet holes than they had before, Guns and his crew, Bo Sucki, Quarter Pounder and Steve, are called again and again to go after the cars that no other repo company has the fortitude to touch.

8.5 x 5.5 in, 24 pages, Full Color, Soft Cover